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Since 2009 we have been completely and fully dedicated to HIO-Fitting. We want to fascinate golfers and help them improve their game. Our interdisciplinary team strives to raise the performance bar one step higher each and every day. There is at least one specialist in each of our divisions – from engineer to sports scientist to designers, there is a lot of know-how in our team.​

Marco Burger

Founder & CEO, Biomechanics & Science During his Sports Engineering Master’s degree at the TU Munich, Marco Burger was able to develop his understanding and ideas of the symbiosis between golfers and their golf clubs perfectly. This was strengthened by his teaching professional qualifications (B and C license), which are valuable in understanding movement patterns and recommending according material. “Plus-Handicapper”, Longdriver and our leading HIO-Masterfitter Marco is responsible for the education and training of our own fitters and our partners as well as for the sourcing of new products.


Benny Pfister

Founder & CEO, Business Development & Fittings During his engineering studies at the TU Munich, Benny extended his technical knowledge with biomechanics – a valuable combination for a golf fitter. As one of our Master Fitters, Benny has successfully fitted over 3000 golfers over the past ten years. His positive and motivating attitude make it an enjoyable session for all of his customers. As manager of the business, Benny continuously develops the strategy and goals of the company.

Maxi Weiß

COO Maxi Weiss started working for HIO at the beginning of his studies. Now 5 years in, he has seen and experienced all areas of the business and knows exactly how it works. He has developed into a single-handicapper and his growing competency and knowledge of golf has allowed him to join the ranks of Master-Fitter at HIO, making him one of only 3 Master-Fitters. His unparalleled physical knowledge paired with his calm and direct manner is his recipe to taming and enthralling his customers. Moreover, he adds value as an App developer helping the entire business optimise processes and recognise mistakes before they can unfold.

Thomas Weiler

Sales and Partner Programme Thomas is an active player in the German Golf Bundesliga and boasts a German individual championship title he won in 2006. He has over five years of experience and coordinates all our external Fitting-Partners, thereby growing our distribution network. Thomas aims at making HIO Fitting accessible to everyone through a close and trustworthy collaboration with our partnering companies and golf coaches.

Alexander Körner

Manufacturing & Fittings Alex is our most experienced employee who has spent time in a conventional golf shop as well as in a professional fitting studio. As a passionate and single-handicapped golfer, Alex turned his hobby to his profession at HIO. His trustworthy manner gives our customers a feeling of security when they work with him. Having built his golf club and fitting expertise during years of dedicated work, there are few situations in this business that surprise him, making him and asset and a joy to work with.

Matthias Honold

Head of Sales & HR Matthias Honold plays a significant role in our Sales team and takes care of our Key Account clients. This is vital since we build golf clubs for not only our studio customers, but also for our partners’ customers as well as for PXG and its 30+ distribution partners all over Europe. Additionally, Matthias handles all work streams realted to Human Resources and management of our personnel.

Maximilian Plonus

Quality Management & Logistics A passionate golfer and experienced golf club builder – no golf club leaves our studio before being checked by Max Plonus’ trained eye. Moreover, he is largely responsible for all our purchases.

Constantin Spies

Fitting The most active golfer of our employees who has combined his job with his passion. Constantin shows impressive knowledge regarding various ball flights and swing patterns. He is perfectly suited for an advanced fitting analysis. He is athletically inclined and shows our guests a good time during their fitting sessions.

Marion Mirtl

Management Assistance & Organisation Marion is from „Niederbayern“ and conveys her warm and welcoming attitude to us and our guests. Her responsibilties are all sorts of marketing and customer service tasks – whatever is needed she handles it.

Flo Firmhofer

Schlägerbau His extensive experience in the golf business as fitter and club maker makes Flo a valuable addition to uphold the perfect standards we require in building our sets.

Matthias Zierhut

Building Golf Clubs & Logistics Our Mats, a student who helps as an allrounder. He studies medicine and can practice his surgical precision skills on the golf clubs we make for our customers.

Michael Baumgärtner

IT & App Development A golf competing in the golf Bundesliga and simultaneously an engineering student. Michael Baumgärtner has made the efficiency of our processes to his priority. Potential errors are detected before they occur thanks to his apps. Our unique and wide-ranging IT infrastructure facilitates daily performance measurements and provides feedback for subsequent improvement.

Magnus Eschment

Manufacturing & Fittings Competitive Bundesliga golfer, highly skilled club builder and fitting expert who can hit drives surpassing the 300 meter mark with ease. Magnus is a perfect fit for HIO Fitting.

Felix Bohne

Marketing Felix is our working student in Marketing who specialises in the distribution of our newsletters and supports in various IT projects.

Tim Noack

Customer Experience As part of his master thesis Tim re-designed and improved our website. After that we didn’t want to let him leave. Luckily he stuck with us – today he takes pride in making our customers feel perfectly serviced both on and off line.

Dr. Matija Burger

Building Golf Clubs Highest precision and absolute reliability lies in the family! Leo is the brother of our COO Maxi Weiss and brings absolute passion and commitment for racket construction to our in-house workshop. Your new club is in the best hands with Leo!

Dr. Matija Burger

Research & Development Probably the most overqualified support we have had in our workshop – Dr. Burger supported us during his PhD in Material Science. Dr. Burger is a friend and large supporter of our business, analysing new materials for us and regularly providing sought-after advice. He helps us uncover the truths and myths of modern marketing promises in the golf industry.

Patrick Heinisch

Fitting & Material tests With us right from the start. Patrick is an excellent golfer and fitter, who supports us at events and during material tests.