Our image is our greatest asset and you are our mouthpiece on the golf courses of the world. That is why our highly specialised team works hard every day to fully satisfy you as our customer. HIO Fitting meets your desires, because…​

  • …we offer a lifetime warranty on our products​
  • …we individually customise your golf clubs in our own workshop to fit you​
  • …we respond to your design ideas & personalisation requests during the building of the golf club​
  • …we give you fair advice and only advise you to buy a new club or set if we are convinced that your golf game will be improved

We want you to come back as a satisfied customer – not your golf clubs​


  • … we refund the complete fitting fee, should you be unhappy with our fitting performance​
  • … we invite you to a free Re-Fitting, should a club manufactured by us not perform as desired after 5-6 rounds of break-in time​
  • … we invite you to return for a free check-up of your clubs manufactured by us after 1-2 years after your purchase ​

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