Club Heads​

The biggest advantage of our fitting concept is that we cooperate with over 25 manufacturers. For HIO Fitting it doesn’t matter which brand the customer chooses. Only performance matters, which is measured using the most modern technology. Due to the large selection, we almost always find 2-3 alternatives that fit the player and the player can end up designing his own individual set in terms of look and price. An iron set usually ranges between 800€, 1.800€ or 4.000€ depending on head and shaft combinations, whereby the functionality is guaranteed for all three variants.​ .


For years, HIO Fitting has been testing all kinds of golf club innovations. Together with a materials expert, the clubs are literally dismantled in the laboratory. Every golf club also undergoes a complex and serious performance test. This enables us to judge differences very well and to know which quality is offered at which price.​ ​

We almost always achieve a higher quality and better performance with the products we select than with a standard golf set. Often we manage to meet a similar price as customary golf shops with common stock items, even though our clubs are meticulously handcrafted in our workshop.​

These well-known brands are centered around marketing and sponsoring tour players. The sale of “standard goods” in golf shops is usually the main focus here. The shaft is already installed during production in Asia and a complete club is delivered. If you buy a club in a normal golf shop, you have to be very lucky that the standard shaft also happens to fit your personal swing.​

HIO Fitting, on the other hand, works with brands whose full focus is on material development. We buy club heads directly from head manufacturers and shafts directly from shaft manufacturers. Thus we avoid expensive intermediaries and remain independent in our product recommendations and give fair advice. Since we omit intermediaries, we often manage to do this at prices comparable to those of standard goods in shops.​

Last but not least, some of the “big players” launch a new product on the market every 6-8 months. This is not always based on a decisive innovation. The fact that this cannot go well in the long run can be seen, for example, in the withdrawal of NIKE from golf or in the fact that Adidas has sold the club brand TaylorMade. HIO Fitting relies on brands that offer persistent, multi-year models. Innovations are only promised if there is actually something new. Additionally, these brands are not “no-names” at all, but instead are well-known and highly present in the larger US and Asian golf markets.​