Putter Fitting

Probably the most important golf club in your bag

30% of all shots during a round of golf are putts

When conducting a putter fitting, it is important to start by identifying the respective putting style of each individual player. This is essential information for us especially in regard to the current abilities and the future ambitions.

After this baseline establishment, a short putting test is conducted using one’s own putter with the world’s best putting analysis software (SAM PuttLab). Our professional interpretation of the test results reveals your ideal putter measurements as well as technical deficits.​

From our perspective, the putter is not only the most important but also the most exciting club in your golf bag. Regarding the question „How many changes can actually be made to a putter?“, we have prepared the following in response:​

The ultrasound measurement tool from Science & Motion (SAM PuttLab) captures 28 parameters of the putting movement and transforms them into a 3D moving model of your putting motion. This technology is currently used by over 150 of the best tour players worldwide as a means to continuously improve their putting. The most important parameters to be considered are:​

  • Alignment / aiming​
  • Club face positioning​
  • Swing path​
  • Angle of attack​
  • Spin​ Rotational
  • behaviour of the club face​
  • Tempo / Rhythm / Speed​

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