Children’s Fitting

The days of buying a new golf set every year are over​

Just like adults, children and youths have their own unique swing depending on their skill level as well as body type and structure. However, the changing physique and often more quickly developing skill level cause them to rapidly outgrow their current set of golf clubs. To facilitate a natural flowing golf swing unimpeded by ill-fitted clubs, a regular check-up is highly recommended. We offer an annual visit (more if required) to our fitting studio during which we measure certain parameters including height, body angles and speeds of your child and adjust their golf clubs accordingly. To learn more follow the link to TalentStix​

This adjustability gives TalentStix a competitive edge compared to established brands specialised on children’s golf sets. The advantages are as follows:​

  • In line with HIO quality, the TalentStix golf clubs excel in feel, precision, distance, forgiveness and customisable design​
  • Length, loft and lie are adjustable to suit everyone,
  • which is essential to avoid the development of harmful swing patterns that arise from ill-fitted equipment​
  • The overall costs of your child’s equipment is significantly reduced​
  • Your child has more confidence in its equipment knowing that it is perfectly tailored to their needs​

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