Balance Check

The key to longer drives​

More power and precision through an efficient distribution of force​

Due to highly complex movement patterns, the golf swing requires an extraordinarily pronounced sense of balance.

Before Science & Motion released their SAM BalanceLab technology, it was impossible to measure and record a golfer’s balance throughout his swing. Now, it stores every single weight shift of the player enabling us to explain why not all energy invested into the swing is transferred to the ball at impact.​

Moreover, this detailed analysis provides in-depth and unparalleled information on the correct shaft recommendation. Different characteristics in weight distribution mean that a player requires a different kick point, torque and weight of the shaft to enhance his performance. The SAM BalanceLab measures the weight distribution in several phases of the swing:​

  • Weight distribution between the right and left foot (Power factor)​
  • Weight distribution between the heel and the toe (Stability factor)​
  • Power development downward and upward (Donwforce)​
  • Timing in the key positions of the swing (Efficiency)​