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Experience an original HIO Fitting

We analyze your golf clubs to help you improve

A professional fitting...

  • emphasizes your strengths and consistently helps you to improve your performance on the golf course.
  • reduces the need for compensation in your golf swing, which often is a result of the wrong equipment.
  • helps you trust your golf clubs and put faith into your entire game.

Fitting is suitable for everyone - whether you’re a professional or a beginner

For an advanced player a fitting presents an opportunity to reach a new level, whereas for beginners a fitting provides the ideal basis to learn a natural golf swing.

This is what you should know before you book a fitting at HIO:

  • A thorough analysis of all your golf clubs takes at least three hours
  • If you want to focus on just one aspect of your game, an hour and a half is usually sufficient
  • We offer a customization of your current equipment, as well as a wide range of new products
  • No matter which service you choose, you should always bring your current set of clubs
  • Shipment usually takes less than two weeks
GRIP:- Thickness- Weight- Material and ColorSHAFT:- Flex- Torque- Bend point- Weight- Pureing- Material and ColorHEAD:- Loft and Lie angle- Club face angle and Offset- Material and MOI- Bulge and Roll- Shape and ColorOTHERS:- Shaft length- Swing weight/MOI- Total Weight- Set configuration

Fitting with PGA tour accuracy

Our indoor measurements have a deviation of just 1m

Launchmonitor Fitting

Our highly advanced camera system (Foresight GC2) measures all the relevant data for an accurate fitting. We interpret this information according to a set of ideal ballflight parameters, thus enabling us to recommend the ideal golf club for your game. In our fitting your feel, the consistency of your strike and finally your distance gain play a decisive role. We measure the following parameters:

  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Carry and Total Distance
  • Launch Angle and Peak Height
  • Backspin und Sidespin

The sensors of the GolfSense system, which are attached to your glove, enable an accurate 3D simulation of your golf swing. By interpreting the data we can identify important aspects of your movement to further improve your game. Another great feature of this system is the ability to determine the ideal shaft. This is very important since the shaft is the binding component between you and the club head. GolfSense provides information on the following parameters:

  • Swing speed and rhythm
  • The plain your hands and club travel on
  • Rotational speed and the speed of your hand action

Putter Fitting

The most important club in your bag

While customizing a putter it is important to determine the customer’s individual putting style. Because each and every putting stroke is unique it is of great importance to assess the current performance and the goals for the future.

30% of a golf round consists of putts

Building on the collected information we offer a putting test, which is analyzed by the world-famous SAM Puttlab system. This test provides information about the required putter shape for your individual putting stroke, as well as tipps for improvement in your technique.

In our opinion the putter ist not only the most important, but also the most exciting club in the golf bag. When confronted by the question "Can you even change or influence a putter?" we provide the following answer:

GRIP:- Thickness- Weight- Material and ColorSHAFT:- Weight- Flex and Torque- Shaft position- Material and ColorHEAD:- Loft and Lie angle- Balance- Alignment- Weight- Material and Color

The ultrasound measurement tool from Science & Motion can identify 28 different parameters in each putting stroke. These parameters are used to recreate the measured stroke in a 3D motion picture. Over 150 tour professionals use this technology to continually improve their putting performance. The most important parameters are:

  • Aiming Accuracy
  • Clubface Control
  • Swing Direction
  • Angle of Attack
  • Spin Properties
  • Clubhead Rotation
  • Tempo / Rhythm / Speed

Balance Check

The key to success for long drives

The golf swing demands extensive skills in balance to combine the complex movement and the high speeds the swing creates.

More power and precision as a result of better weight distribution

The innovative SAM BalanceLab by Science & Motion enables golfers to see their weight distribution throughout their swing. This system graphically displays faults and provides improvement suggestions for a more stable and powerful golf swing.

In addition the analysis provides a more detailed basis for choosing the ideal shaft for your customized golf clubs. Different weight distributions can greatly affect shaft characteristics, such as the bend point, the torsion and the weight of the shaft. The balance lab provides this data, so that the ideal shaft can be assembled. The different swing phases measured by the SAM BalanceLab to make the right choice are:

  • Distribution between the left and right foot (Power Factor)
  • Distribution between the toe and the heel of the foot (Stability Factor)
  • Downforce
  • Swing phase timing (Efficiency).
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Children’s fitting

From a clubfitter’s perspective children aren’t very different from adults. Like adults do, children have their own individual swing, often times influenced by their physique and their mental abilities. To enable an ideal development well-fitted clubs are necessary from an early age. Due to the immense differences in a child’s development, frequent changes and adaptions are the only way to maintain a perfect fit. To encourage a consistent development in junior golf, we offer a regular check-up during which we reassess parameters such as height, angles, club and body speeds. These serve as a foundation to adjust their TalentStix golf clubs. For further information visit

No more annual purchases of expensive golf clubs

TalentStix has several advantages compared to normal children’s golf clubs:

  • They offer more accuracy, distance, forgiveness as well as a modern design.
  • The length of the club, the loft and the lie are individually adjusted. It is especially important for children to have well-fitted clubs, while still developing and improving. Wrong equipment can hinder good performance due to compensating movements caused by inaccurate fittings.
  • The average cost of golf clubs during a child’s development decreases.
  • The children and adolescents gain trust in their equipment and their game because they know that clubs are perfectly fitted.