The next level of golf clubs​

PXG is short for “Parsons Xtreme Golf“, so named by the founder Bob Parsons who started the venture in 2014. As a well-known American IT billionaire and golf freak, Bob Parsons set himself the goal to develop the best golf clubs of all time. He was tired of the continuous “innovations“ of common club makers and having to trust their extensive marketing ploys.

Driven by his goal to make the best golf clubs ever, he allowed a generous research and development budget to allow access to previously untouched materials in golf. More expensive materials facilitated true innovation, which, however, come at a significantly higher price than comparable golf clubs. Their slogan “Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.” underlines their commitment to using only the best materials and achieving unprecedented performance.

PXG Gen2 Irons

The new PXG GEN3 irons with patented Impact Reactor Technology stand for an unsurpassed combination of impact range, forgivability and precision. The enormous sweetspot makes them a true game changer. A few other features at a glance:

  1. Thanks to the cavity technology, enormous weight is saved in the middle of the racket head. As a result, an enormously high MOI can be achieved on the outer sides around the head with tungsten screws.
  2. The thinnest impact surface of all time is equipped with Impact Reactor Technology and transfers more energy to the ball through an improved trampoline effect.
  3. An inner and outer polymer core convey a very soft impact feeling with a special sound in the meeting moment. The unique feedback generated helps to distinguish bad hits directly from good hits.
  4. Thanks to the extremely soft steel, it is possible to adjust loft and lie angles without any problems by ± 5° . Extreme and continuous adjustments are absolutely no problem.

The three different head widths serve every type of golfer: the narrow tour model “GEN3 T”, the medium-width “GEN3 P” (players) and the enormously error-forgiving and minimally wider “GEN3 XP” iron (Xtreme Performance) are missing nothing in terms of spin, feedback, forgivability, control and design. The GEN3 irons are therefore suitable for golfers of all handicap classes.


PXG Gen2 Woods

In time with the Gen2 irons, PXG has also launched the new woods series ranging from drivers to hybrids. The driver comes in two different models – the X version focused on total distance and the XF for maximum forgiveness.

GEN2 0811 X Driver

The X model impresses with unforeseen ballspeeds and low back spin, which in combination facilitate maximum distance. The X’s unique characteristics are:

  • athletic design with honeycomb-carbon technology for maximum distance
  • the low and forward COG reduces backspin and promotes ballspeed and roll
  • the weight of the head is adjustable up to 30g
  • distribution of weight screws shifts the
    point of gravity within seconds and combats both hooks and slices immediately.
  • Lofts range between 7,5° to 13,5° available for RH & LH

GEN2 0811 XF Driver

The „Xtreme Forgiving“ XF model promises maximum forgiveness culminating in more fairway hits. This driver has the highest MOI we have ever seen, emphasising its focus on comfort, security and consistency. The X’s unique characteristics are:

  • the carbon crown saves weight and allows an ideal distribution there of
  • the screw system allows a weight shift of up to 16g
  • the MOI value is perfectly matched with regulation allowance
  • a huge range of lofts is available for RH & LH – 7,5° to 15,5°
  • the honey comb inlay contributes to an extremely soft feeling at impact

GEN2 0341X Fairway

Fairway #2, #3, #5, #7 with lofts from 11,5° to 22,5° in RH & LH

The new fairway woods are suitable for hobby golfers as well as professionals. The wide loft range combined with the weight distribution screws allow significant adjustability regarding the desired ball flight. As with the drivers, PXG employs the carbon crown and honeycomb inlay, which boosts the fairway’s performance off the tee and from the grass. Typical for these new weapons are high ball flights with low spin rates.

GEN2 0317X Hybrid

For many hobby golfers probably the most essential golf club in the bag. The lofts range between 15,5° and 29,5°, which means that difficult to handle fairway woods and long irons are now redundant. The desired curvature can be promoted using the adjustable weights. The trademark characteristic of PXG – high ball flight with low spin, is engrained in the hybrid making high approaches to the green a regularity and no exception.

PXG Wedges & Putter

PXG covers the entire golf set including wedges and putters. Wedges are available in several different grinds as well as all desirable lofts. The highlight of the Wedges is the Wedge milled in over 3 hours of machine time from a single metal block with the provocative name: “Sugar Daddy”.

PXG already boasts a repertoire of over 10 different putter models available with various weights, angles and shaft configurations. A very high MOI makes the putters stable and forgiving.

PXG Softgoods

PXG also offers bags and a comprehensive clothing line to make you more than a normal golfer – a PXG golfer. All available products within Europe can be found and ordered via the Online Shop.

Founder, genius and golf fanatic​

Bob Parsons is the driver of the PXG brand. The billionaire and previous U.S. Marine Corp first established himself as an entrepreneur and visionary and later gained fame through his company GoDaddy. By now he has built himself an empire which he steers as CEO of his company YAM Worldwide, while simultaneously contributing to beneficial causes together with his wife. Parsons studied at the University of Baltimore and graduated with magna cum laude. In 2008 he received an honorary doctor title followed by the award as Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2010.​

His first company was Parsons Technology, a software company that he founded in 1984 and sold 10 years later for 64 million US dollars to Intuit, Inc. Three years later he re-entered the entrepreneurial scene with GoDaddy, which is the largest Domain Name Registrar worldwide today. In 2011, he sold a majority shareholding at a company valuation of 2.3 billion US dollars.

As self-proclaimed golf fanatic, he ventured into the scene in 2014 by founding Parsons Xtreme Golf with the vision to design and produce the most exclusive and best performing golf clubs in the market. Sources reveal that Parsons spent up to 100,000 US dollars each year on golf clubs to test the innovations promised by the golf industry. At PXG, he granted his engineers access to the best materials as long as they developed golf clubs with superior performance. The development process was completely unrestricted, the premise being that each product was completed to perfection.​

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Frisch eingetroffen – die PXG Hybrid Stand Bags!

Platz wie in einem Tour Bag kombiniert mit der Funktionalität eines Stand-Bags – Das ist der neue PXG Hybrid Stand Bag. Schlichtes Design und einzigartige Features wie die magnetische Putterbefestigung und ein mit Zahlenschloss gesicherte Fach, für alles was dir wichtig ist.

  • 12 Taschen
  • 6 Fach Top Divider
  • Verfügbar in Schwarz und Weiß/Schwarz.