The new Evnroll putters offer unprecedented precision. For the first time, the progressive groove design allows a virtually identical result, regardless of whether the ball was hit in the middle or not.​

The Evnroll Lineup​

20 years ago Guerin Rife was the first designer ever to develop putters with grooves. The idea behind it: a softer feel and somewhat reduced energy for a smoother roll. After initial scepticism, almost every major manufacturer now has corresponding models with grooves in its range.​

But even the arrangement of grooves could not solve a fundamental problem: A ball that is not hit with millimetre precision in the middle of the clubface (sweet spot) loses energy (and therefore rolls shorter) and also deviates from the planned putting line to the left or right. Even a slight off-center shot will result in a shifted putt. And not even the pros on the tour are able to hit every putt constantly in the sweet spot!​

Face of the ER7​

With Evnroll, Guerin Rife has solved this problem in an innovative way and developed what is probably the “hottest” putter ever. The grooves of the Evnroll putter taper as they move away from the center of the club head. This helps transfer the exact amount of energy to the ball according to how far the ball is hit off center too get the same distance as a perfectly hit ball. But that’s not all: the unique groove technology also brings the ball back to the putting line!​

The advantage of Evnroll grooves: they bring the ball back on line​

Never before has a putter manufacturer been awarded with the gold category in the most famous putter test in the USA for two putters – the ER2 and ER7. The wondrous putter heads are developed and manufactured in Carlsbad, USA. All heads are made of “303 Stainless Steel”. Each head is available in 355g, 370g and 385g – with professional PuttLab analysis you will find your optimal weighting. Four of the seven putter heads are also available for left handed golfers. The putters are available from 380€.​