Perfectly fitted golf clubs​
Performance meets Quality
Fitting suitable for beginners to tour players​

HIO Fitting - Performance meets Quality

HIO Fitting stands for competency and passion to deliver perfectly fitted golf clubs. The dedicated team pools knowledge and expertise from engineers, sports scientists as well as designers in order to fulfil their promise of excellent club fittings.​

During our fitting sessions, we analyse your body type and golf mechanics to determine the capability of your current set of golf clubs to unleash your full potential. While considering the essential parameters DISTANCE, PRECISION, FEEL and CONTROL we present you with golf clubs that will allow you to immediately realise an improvement in these areas.​

We are entirely brand independent and therefore are at full liberty to recommend only those golf clubs that really show better performance for your game. Each one of our golf clubs is assembled and checked in our very own workshop in Munich with the greatest care. Each individual golf club is built precisely to suit your game and can be custom-designed according to your wishes, resulting in a set of perfect golf clubs just for you.​

golf club fittings

A professional fitting

  • … amplifies your strengths and continuously supports you in repeatedly performing to the best of your ability
  • … eliminates swing issues resulting from ill-fitted golf clubs​
  • … allows you to fully trust your equipment

Fitting for everyone - Suitable for beginners to tour players​

While an experienced golfer attends a fitting to fine tune his performance, a set of perfectly fitted clubs will provide a basis for beginners to quickly learn a natural golf swing.


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Promotion of the month July

PXG Golfbags

Just arrived,
the PXG Hybrid Stand Bags!

enough space combined with the functionality of a carry-bag – Th new PXG Hybrid Stand Bag. Simple design and unique features like the magnetic putter attachment and a combination lock secured compartment, for everything that is important to you.
12 pockets, 6 top dividers, available in black and white/black.

PXG Golfbags

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Frisch eingetroffen – die PXG Hybrid Stand Bags!

Platz wie in einem Tour Bag kombiniert mit der Funktionalität eines Stand-Bags – Das ist der neue PXG Hybrid Stand Bag. Schlichtes Design und einzigartige Features wie die magnetische Putterbefestigung und ein mit Zahlenschloss gesicherte Fach, für alles was dir wichtig ist.

  • 12 Taschen
  • 6 Fach Top Divider
  • Verfügbar in Schwarz und Weiß/Schwarz.

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